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The RealReal


Mythology, in collaboration with The RealReal, designed an exhibition to spark conversations about authenticity, strategically placed on a street known for counterfeit merchandise in New York. The storefront at the corner of Broadway and Canal Street looks like an upscale boutique, but it's actually an exhibition called "Ask Yourself What’s Real," viewable only from the street.

Inside, luxury handbags are displayed on a grid of white shelves, lit like art pieces. However, all the merchandise is fake, even the ceiling lamp is a knockoff that mimics a Serge Mouille design. The interior replicates their e-commerce site, with a stark white grid filled with bags that appear ready for purchase.

The installation, running until early September, showcases about three dozen "superfakes"—convincing counterfeit handbags—sent to the RealReal. Mythology's design challenges viewers to reconsider the meaning of authenticity in a world filled with imitations.

TRR-The-Real Real-Mythology-Retail-Design-NYC-301-Canal-Street-Pop-Up-Luxury-Bags-Facade-Wide-Shot
TRR-The-Real Real-Mythology-Retail-Design-NYC-301-Canal-Street-Pop-Up-Luxury-Bags-Facade-Close-Up
TRR-The-Real Real-Mythology-Retail-Design-NYC-301-Canal-Street-Pop-Up-Luxury-Bags-Shelving-Space
TRR-The-Real Real-Mythology-Retail-Design-NYC-301-Canal-Street-Pop-Up-Luxury-Bags-Shelving-Space-Colorful-Black
TRR-The-Real Real-Mythology-Retail-Design-NYC-301-Canal-Street-Pop-Up-Luxury-Bags-Exhibition-Hours


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Mythology is an independent creative company founded and is led by Anthony Sperduti, and Partners Audrey Attal, Ted Galperin, and Fernando Music. From our offices in Downtown NYC, our small-ish, multidisciplinary team of writers, designers, art directors, strategists and architects, does big work across branding, advertising and retail design.