Sunday Goods


After launching as a next-generation canna-brand, we worked with Sunday Goods to bring their sun-grown sustainable product to life in retail. By leveraging cannabis’ long-standing relationship to the making process we created a feel-good brand experience that feels just right.



Mythology is an independent creative company based in Downtown NYC founded and led by Anthony Sperduti, and partners Audrey Attal, Ted Galperin, and Fernando Music.

Our small-ish multidisciplinary team of writers, designers, art directors, strategists and architects, does big work across branding, advertising and retail design.

We are creative instigators, in the business of making legacies for new brands and big brands who are ready to challenge, stand out and leave a mark.

We surface our clients’ beliefs and their most meaningful place in the world. Our work expressing that meaning through truly different strategy and creative is behind the brands that lead their categories today.