Sake Ono


Crafted at the 8th oldest brewery in Japan, yet versatile enough to enjoy beyond traditional settings, we partnered with Sake Ono to honor this centuries-old spirit with a contemporary take on the category. We created an identity, packaging, and art direction that stands up to this new approach.

mythology-sake-ono-2024-japan-3-label-design-peony-on-ice-and close-up-of-label-art-image-photography


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We do this by surfacing a brand’s beliefs and their most meaningful place in the world and then express that meaning through differentiated strategic and creative solutions that help them lead their categories today.

Mythology is an independent creative company founded and is led by Anthony Sperduti, and Partners Audrey Attal, Ted Galperin, and Fernando Music. From our offices in Downtown NYC, our small-ish, multidisciplinary team of writers, designers, art directors, strategists and architects, does big work across branding, advertising and retail design.